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1PCS Mini SS304 Ball Valve 1000WOG NPT End Reduce Bore

1PCS Mini SS304 Ball Valve 1000WOG NPT End Reduce Bore

1pc ball valve 1000wog is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, pharmaceutical, beer, food, dairy beverage, cosmetics and engineering supporting industrial pipelines.

Product Details

Basic Information

  • Model NO.: Q11F

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Connection Form: Thread

  • Driving Mode: Lever,Worm Gear,Pneumatic,Motor

  • Nominal Pressure: 1000wog 2000wog

  • Channel: Straight Through Type

  • Structure: Floating Ball Valve

  • Type: Floating Ball Valve

  • Function: Open-Close,

  • Temperature: Normal Temperature

  • Size: 1/2"-4"

  • Medium: Water Oli Gas etc.

  • Specification: SGS, ISO9001; 2008 API 6D CE TS

A. Size 1/2 inch to 4 inch.

B. Casting Material: WCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M etc.
D. End connections by SW BW NPT, BSPT, BSP, PT, DIN2999 ETC 
F. Designed and tested to ASME B16.34 & API 598
G. 1000-2000WOG Temperature: -40- 150(Degrees Celsius)
H. Control device: Lever. Pneumatic. Hydraulic. Motorized

1pc ball valve 1000wog is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, pharmaceutical, beer, food, dairy beverage, cosmetics and engineering supporting industrial pipelines.The valve seat adopts elastic sealing structure, which is reliable in sealing and easy to open and close. The valve stem adopts a bottom-mounted structure with an inverted seal. When the valve cavity is abnormally boosted, the valve stem will not be flushed out.

Structural features

1. Open and close without friction. This function completely solves the problem that the conventional valve affects the seal due to the friction between the sealing faces.

2. Top-loading structure. The valve installed on the pipeline can be directly inspected and repaired online, which can effectively reduce the parking of the device and reduce the cost.

3. Single seat design. It eliminates the problem that the cavity medium in the valve affects the safety of use due to abnormal boosting.

4. Low torque design. The specially designed valve stem can be easily opened and closed with a small handle valve.

5. Wedge seal structure. The valve is based on the mechanical force provided by the valve stem, and the ball wedge is pressed onto the valve seat to seal, so that the sealing property of the valve is not affected by the change of the pressure difference of the pipeline, and the sealing performance is reliably guaranteed under various working conditions.

6. Self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface. When the ball is tilted away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through the spherical sealing surface at 360°, which not only eliminates the high-speed fluid scouring on the valve seat, but also washes away the accumulation on the sealing surface to achieve self-cleaning. .

Opening process

1. In the closed position, the ball is pressed by the mechanical pressure of the valve stem and pressed against the valve seat.

2. When the handwheel is turned counterclockwise, the valve stem moves in the opposite direction, and the bottom angular plane causes the ball to disengage from the valve seat.

3. The valve stem continues to lift and interacts with the guide pins in the spiral groove of the valve stem to cause the ball to begin to rotate without friction.

4. Until the fully open position, the stem is raised to the extreme position and the ball is rotated to the fully open position.


Closing process

1. When closing, turn the handle clockwise, the stem begins to lower and the ball moves away from the seat.

2. Continue to rotate the hand wheel. The valve stem is subjected to the guide pin embedded in the upper spiral groove, so that the valve stem and the ball rotate at 90° at the same time.

3. When it is about to close, the ball has rotated 90° without contact with the seat.

4. In the last few turns of the handwheel, the angular plane at the bottom of the valve stem mechanically wedges the ball against the ball so that it presses tightly against the seat to achieve a complete seal.

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