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JIS Dual Plate Double Door Wafer Check Valve DIN PN10 16

JIS Dual Plate Double Door Wafer Check Valve DIN PN10 16

Product Description: 1.Size :2"~48" (DN50~DN1200) 2.Working Pressure :150Lb,PN10,PN16 3.Working Temperature :-20°C~250°C 4.Suitable Medium:Water,Oil. 5.Forged Materials:A105N,F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F11,F22,F51,F55 6.Casting Material :WCB,WCC,C6,C12,LCB,LCC,CF8,CF3,CF8M,CF3M 7.End...

Product Details

Product Description:

Applicable medium:

Fresh water, sea water, air, steam, food, medicine, and various oils, acids, alkalis, salts, etc.


Long service life, reliable sealing and no need for frequent maintenance. The flow characteristics of the butterfly valve are three times that of the shut-off valve, which is 75% of the gate valve of the same specification. The butterfly valve can realize the switching and regulating function of the fluid in the pipeline, and has a better multifunctional type than the gate valve and the shut-off valve. The choice of inner parts and elastic attack materials is a wide application of butterfly valves in the chemical industry.

The butterfly valve is light in weight and small in size. For example, the weight and volume of a 10" butterfly valve are 1/9 and 1/6 of a 10" gate valve, respectively. Therefore, the butterfly valve is easy to install and saves the cost of the piping system. Compared to metal-sealed gate and globe valves, a soft-sealed butterfly valve provides complete airtightness. The butterfly valve is easy to operate and can be opened and closed in the 90° range. The price of the butterfly valve of the same specification is about 35-40% of the price of the gate valve, and the installation cost of the butterfly valve is also relatively low. The correctly installed butterfly valve has a certain self-cleaning property and is not easily damaged by the dirt in the pipe.

1.Size :2"~48" (DN50~DN1200)

2.Working Pressure :150Lb,PN10,PN16

3.Working Temperature :-20°C~250°C

4.Suitable Medium:Water,Oil.

Technical Specification:

A.Design&Manufacture standard: API 594,BS 1868

B. Face to face: ASME B16.10. DIN3202.

C.Pressure&Temperature standard: ASME B16.34

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